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Healthcare is the most crucial industry that involve in preventing and treating disease and help patients to live healthy as long as possible. They have their own budget to run the facility along with given consideration on staff, medical supplies, rent and many more. Therefore, they need to know their numbers carefully, otherwise it will be difficult to run the business. In addition, Health care business need to follow tax rule and auditing purposes.

Henderson Royce gives top most priority while working with patients' personal information must maintain confidentiality and hence certain regulations need to be followed. Henderson Royce accountants are well experienced on keeping medical history information secure and process bills or submitting claims. We have previous experience on working with medical clinic, surgery centres, home healthcare providers, imaging and diagnostic centres.

For Doctors and dentists

Henderson Royce also provide service for doctors. Our service includes annual and operation accounts, bookkeeping services and operation, pension statements and benchmarking fiscal performance.

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