Property Investor

A property investor can be an individual or a team. As a property investor, there are some questions that need to have clear answer.

  • Do you need cash flow each month?
  • Do you look for capital gains?
  • Are you going to buy and sell or buy and hold?
  • How much income do you expect form property investment?

Henderson Royce can help you on solving these questions along with you tax planning, book keeping and accounting and financial planning. We have experienced financial advisers and accountants who can understand unique challenges that you need to face as property investors and assist you to attain your financial objectives.

Tax planning

Property tax is a bit of puzzle and Henderson Royce can help you advising and planning your tax by offering tax strategies for rental income, repair, and tax deductible, identifying capital expenditure, stamp duty planning, planning on tax efficient mortgage structures.

Investment analysis

We can analyse of your investment portfolio to help you in making right decision on property investment with right information of the market.

Assisting on building structured property portfolio

As an property investor, you need property portfolio that help you to achieve your objectives and goals by maximizing your profits and growth on your portfolio.

Gaining income

In a right property investment can make you good amount of rental income after deducting all your expenditure. Henderson Royce can assist on this occasion to know your correct rental income after deductible expenses and how much tax you must pay on that income.

Passing on an inheritance

You must need someone after to look after your property portfolio and inheritance is complex issue. We can help you on identifying strategies that are available for passing on portfolio as an inheritance.

Henderson Royce is the place where you can get your experience and trusted help on complex property investments.

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